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Table Mat - Dual Layer Textured 

NEW aerosol spray on ESD coating. Spray on for a hard shell coating that is Static Dissipative

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Static Dissipative Tape Dispenser

Static Dissipative Tape Dispenser#TA1 Permanent ESD protection. Green or Blue ESD Tape Dispenser. This standard model is Static Dissipative at e9 ohms /Sq typical and will reduce the risk of tribocharging. Static Dissipative Surface 1x107 to 5x1010 ohms       

#6500 Staticide® ESD Safety Shield- AEROSOL ESD COATING

The excellent bonding properties allow it to adhere to a variety of surfaces such as acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, and glass. It can be sprayed on carrying trays, protective packaging, test equipment, PVC and vinyl tubing. Because it is a translucent coating, it is perfect for spraying on viewing ports.
This coating is safe to use in manufacturing facilities because it has no contaminants like chlorides or silicone. The aerosol product has low VOCs and no CFCs. The formula does not contain substances on the REACH Sv HC list or in the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC. 1x108 to 5x1011 ohms

#5700 Premium ESD Paint - Premium ESD Paint is a select grade of dissipative paint that is hand crafted with the finest materials for quality control, consistent static protection, convenience, and beauty.  Check it out on our WEB STORE -




  NEW Dualmat Lead Free ESD Mats

This chemically cross linked material has different electrical resistance on either side.  And because of this cross linked, the material will not delaminate and its conductivity stays constant.  The Dualmat material has been developed to the most demanding standards for ESD and Lead Free environments.  Lifetime Warranty on electrical resistance**  Download PDF file.

4300 Eco-Friendly Floor Finish - Ecologically sound and ESD safe
latest static dissipative floor finish meets challenging domestic and international rules.  New and ready for the factories of tomorrow.  Check it out on our WEB STORE -




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