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Table Mat - Dual Layer Textured 

NEW aerosol spray on ESD coating. Spray on for a hard shell coating that is Static Dissipative

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Static Free Work Surfaces and Mats

NEW Dualmat Lead Free ESD Mats

This chemically cross linked material has different electrical resistance on either side.  And because of this cross linked, the material will not delaminate and its conductivity stays constant.  The Dualmat material has been developed to the most demanding standards for ESD and Lead Free environments.  Lifetime Warranty on electrical resistance**  Download PDF file

 STATICIDE Dualmat™ Static Dissipative Work Surface Mats  - Each Mat Comes with Snaps 

ACL has used independent laboratory sources to test our Dualmat material.

Click here to download Dualmat RoHS Test Report
Click here to download Dualmat Outgassing Test Report
Click here to download Dualmat Resistance Test Report

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Size  -  Width x Length ColorPart Number Suggested Per Unit

Light Blue8085BM2436$66.20
Royal Blue8285RBM2436
  Dark Gray    -   8385DGYM2436



Light Blue8085BM2448$89.75
Royal Blue8285RBM2448
Dark Gray8385DGYM2448

Light Blue8085BM2460$112.40
Royal Blue8285RBM2460
Dark Gray8385DGYM2460

Light Blue8085BM3060$132.75
Royal Blue8285RBM3060
Dark Gray8385DGYM3060

Light Blue8085BM2472$139.10
Royal Blue8285RBM2472
Dark Gray8385DGYM2472

Light Blue8085BM8072$169.10
Royal Blue8285RBM3072
Dark Gray8385DGYM3072
Green Mats imprinted for "LEAD FREE ENVIRONMENTS" Only
Size  -  Width x Length ColorPart NumberSuggested  Per Unit
 24"x36" Green8185GM2436$66.20
 24"x48" Green8185GM2448$89.75
 24"x60" Green8185GM2460$112.40
 30"x60" Green8185GM3060$133.75
 24"x72" Green8185GM2472$139.10
 30"x72" Green8185GM3072$169.10




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